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David Suzuki Quotes
David Suzuki

Dr. David Takayoshi Suzuki was born on the 24th March, 1936, in Vancouver Canada.

Published books by David Suzuki include "Genethics", "Wisdom of the Elders", "Inventing the Future", and "Looking At " which is a children's book series on science.

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  • We've got to start reducing immediately and I don't think the political courage is there to do that.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I think it's a stop-gap measure and we've got to find a way to grow grain for food and use the waste and ferment the waste and make ethanol from that.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I think that the SUV, socially, has almost become like having syphilis or something; you're embarrassed to have it.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I don't stay optimistic or pessimistic; I just have hope.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • We're going down a very dangerous path and I believe we now have a very narrow window.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I'm at the end of my life; I have more than I need of everything. Whatever happens now is not going to affect me, but it's going to affect my grandchildren.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I've got to do everything I can to make sure that my grandchildren don't say to me, "Grandpa, you could have done more."
    David Suzuki Quote
  • And the Americans are fond of saying: well, that's the price of progress. I don't think it's progress to use up the rightful legacy of future generations.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • So the change has been absolutely dramatic in my lifetime. The fish I took for granted as a child are simply not there.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I'm ashamed of the fact that the United Nations - which has a resolution to ban all deep sea bottom dragging - my country, along with Australia and New Zealand and the United States, is opposing this.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • And yet we're all trumpeting clean coal and sequestration of carbon dioxide. This is insane. It's absolutely insane, but it all comes from chauvinism.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • We're a critter that stands on the ground, we don't give a damn what's under there, we think it's all uniform. We don't give a damn what's under the water that covers 70% of the earth.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • There's never been, in the four billion years that life has existed, a single species able to alter the biological, chemical and physical features of the earth as we are doing now.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • And now we are doing it with the power of our science and our technology and our absolutely insatiable, consumptive demand. We now are transforming the earth.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • We've filled up the planet. We can't move somewhere else. And now for the first time in history, we have to consider what is the collective impact of 6.5 billion people?
    David Suzuki Quote
  • You see over 400,000 years, carbon dioxide wiggles up and down and then suddenly in the last 20 years, you see it curve up.
    David Suzuki Quote
  • I've always used the metaphor of a car. I feel we're in a car heading at a brick wall at 100 miles an hour and everybody in the car is arguing about where they want to sit.
    David Suzuki Quote
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