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Carlos Castaneda Quotes
Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda, the spiritual author was born in Peru on December 25th, 1925 and died in Los Angeles on April 27th, 1998.

Published spiritual books by Carlos Castaneda include "The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui way of knowledge", "The Fire from Within", "
The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan", and "Magical Passes."

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  • It was his style to assert that ordinary and nonordinary reality aren't separate, but instead are encompassed in a larger circle.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • Eventually I saw -- I saw -- that the path of the heart requires a full gesture, a degree of abandon that can be terrifying.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • I also realized the extent to which the teachings of don Juan could and would be dismissed as "mere allegory" by certain specialists whose sacramental mission is to reinforce the limits that culture and language place on perception.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • What sorcery comes down to is the act of embodying some specialized theoretical and practical premises about the nature of perception in molding the universe around us.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • Together we were traversing the crack between the natural world of everyday life and an unseen world, which don Juan called "the second attention," a term he preferred to "supernatural."
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • From the outset I tried to persuade don Juan to let me use a tape recorder, but he said relying on something mechanical only makes us more and more sterile.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • Regular writing is for me quite dry and labored. Dreaming is best.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • Much of my training with don Juan was in reconditioning perception to sustain dream images long enough to look at them carefully.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • By the end of my time with don Juan, I learned to listen and watch and sense and recall in all the cells of my body.
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
  • Don Juan told me he was going to fulfill the sorcerer's dream of leaving this world and entering into "unimaginable dimensions."
    Carlos Castaneda Quote
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Carlos Castaneda
Quotes from Carlos Castaneda

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Don Juan Carlos Castaneda Quotes

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