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Carlos Castaneda Quotes
Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda, the spiritual author was born in Peru on December 25th, 1925 and died in Los Angeles on April 27th, 1998.

Published spiritual books by Carlos Castaneda include "The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui way of knowledge", "The Fire from Within", "
The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan", and "Magical Passes."

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  • Don Juan introduced me to psychotropic plants in the middle period of my apprenticeship, because I was so stupid and so cocky, which of course I considered evidence of sophistication.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • Peyote served to exaggerate the subtle contradictions within my interpretative gloss, and this helped me cut through the typical Western stance of seeing a world out there and talking to myself about it.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • My path has been my path. Don Juan always told me, "Make a gesture." A gesture is nothing more than a deliberate act undertaken for the power that comes from making a decision.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • You see, the path of the heart is not a road of incessant introspection or mystical flight, but a way of engaging the joys and sorrows of the world.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • This world, where each one of us is related at molecular levels to every other wondrous and dynamic manifestation of being -- this world is the warrior's true hunting ground.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • The notion that I concocted a person like don Juan is preposterous.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • Actually, it was liberating to abandon the enterprise of public relations -- intrinsically a violation of my nature -- and return to my fieldwork with don Juan.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • My books are instead a chronicle of specific experiences and observations in a particular context, reported to the best of my ability.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • It has taken me many years to appreciate the fact that don Juan is a master of using frustration, digression, and partial disclosure as methods of instruction.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
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Carlos Castaneda Quotations
Quotes by Carlos Castaneda

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Carlos Castaneda Quotations

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