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Become stronger in life
by Tushar

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Become stronger in life Poem by Tushar
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Tushar.
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Become stronger in life.

Become stronger in life,
Indulge in better things, won't you mind?
Aberration, you must stand to,
Life is ancient, climbs to top indeed,
So anew start for an unknown beginning,
I had shown you , climbed to top, like android, searched all spirits.

So I was stronger than life,
I said it to amuse you, that you would like, the things I had learnt,
Breath appears as steam in the cold, As you have noticed it,
Emotions too come in front of others, have amused my wit,
Pick wishbones and break them apart,
But ancient bones are buried in crypts, become stronger than they are,
I had shown you, how we can make those wisecracks, like the villagers would do.

Can you become stronger, only for me?
O good, one generous and grizzled young girl; I have realized the rareness in you!
Feel the tricks the Gaia plays on us, wanton intelligence!
Da, da, dae, hoe, O stronger girl than you are!
A Coach's rain washers were fitted in your eyes!
Come waddle to me, even ungainly; why you standing so far?
I have given you the chance, you will wail as a waif, and infuriate yourself, in the future if you don't come back first love!

Strong than a Sun, would be a single way to me,
Wander through with fun, a better way to heal,
Ride a rowing boat, its nature, the ancients used to do,
Go to Amazon, inhabit sometime, and rub your nose against an old rubber tree,
Just when you feel lost without comfort, go to Church and pray,
Your obligation is which you feel stronger, if you remembered me.
I had shown you, how to lay a new path, becoming stronger than you are,
as the farmers in the hot weather, would soe the field…

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Become stronger in life by the Poet Tushar Arora

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