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Silent Voice
by Shametra Mcgregor

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Silent Voice, Poem by Shametra Mcgregor
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Shametra Mcgregor. Share your poetry with us here.

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Silent Voice

I have a picture of you in the corner stone of my mind.


I have a memory of you all the time..


The sun shines through my window pane,
and wakes me up to another blessed day.


I am walking outside, close to the water,
and see the waves moving my way.


I see someone walking with beautiful locs, luminous smile..


As the sunsets and the wind blows,
on my skin, I feel you touching me from miles away..

Your Aura

Your encounter, brightens my heart, makes me smile,
and feel like I can be me, no matter what side of the bed I woke up on.


I see me looking into your eyes,
and us having a conversation, with no verbals being spoken.


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Silent Voice

Silent Voice by the Poet Shametra Mcgregor

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