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I Waited
by Shametra Mcgregor

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I Waited, Poem by Shametra Mcgregor
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Shametra Mcgregor.
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I Waited.

I had sleepless nights waiting..

I Tossed and turned..

My feelings are hurt, cause for you I waited and I yearned...

The pain is not to intense, but without you in my life, it's real.

Tears rolled down my eyes sometimes, when it was you that I wanted to feel.
My bed remained empty for some time, as I continued to pray. I even fell out of fellowship at one point. Because I wondered how God could do me this way.
My valley seemed a bit more painful than others. As I watched the blessings skip my street.

But the Lord allowed me to wake up every morning, so how could I even be ungrateful and continue to weep.

I had sleepless nights waiting...
I even tossed and turned...

Sometimes my pain was unbearable, as I prayed and inside I yearned.

I kept myself busy, and one day I decided to step outside.
I prayed on my way out the door. Because you said, if I am to bless you, you can no longer hide.
So I walked to my car, and drove down the highway, and prayed some more. Lord why I am out here, you know I wanted to be at home watching 24.

I went to bed again alone. And prayed for a long time.. Lord before I lay my burdens down, right here, by my pillow side.

I waited and I am patient with you. I know my blessing is being prepared for me.
I blinked my eyes, and to my surprise. There he was on bended knee.
I cried to God, to please forgive me, because I never thought this blessing would come.
He spoke softly in my ear, and I listened as he begun.....
He said my child, all those times, that you were going through. Being talked about, and you spent time alone.
I had you to myself, and therefore our relationship grew, deep and strong.
You focused less on the world, and learn to lean more on me. I knew that you would get it!Therefore I saw that you finally allowed my word to set you free.

When I changed your position of employment, I blessed you so that you could bless others you see. I knew all about those people that saw you as different, would wonder about your inner light and mystery. Me placing you in this position had nothing to do with you, it was all about me.

That car wreck you went through, it was a testimony of one of the many things that I can do. As someone doubted me. They saw you, and you exited the car, you raised your hands. Someone was on there way to church, and needed to see my goodness, right there, in my demand.

Your faithfulness to others, as you have been struck with the tongues of people that search for me. The blessing right here before you was a preparation, of one the many things.
You let your light shine, and you planted seeds to my kingdom. It was one of the many things that you do. I blessed you with this husband, because you have been so faithful, and my child I love you.
I heard your prayers for him, but wanted to make sure he was just right for the queen that I made you to see. And as I blessed him to find you, he had to find me.

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I Waited by the Poet Shametra Mcgregor

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