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The Nocturnal Wind

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The Nocturnal Wind Poem by Cyndarion
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Cyndarion.
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The Nocturnal Wind

Pink the aroma of the flowers
And blue the iridescent brilliance of the Mind
Inert is the water of emotions
Calm is the peace in the Heart

Crescent waves of twilight dawn
That circumvent the Present Moment
Rich in views are one’s devotion
Of the dream passage at its own rhythm

Many faces turn Inside
Searching for the only Mind
Vibrant the sea of knowledge Is
Bestow upon the golden night of the human Heart

Once again is time to fly
High above the Empty night
Soul recover searches Light
Mind you business says the Heart

Let thy Light be as you Are
Changing glorious in the Night
Trembling also is the Heart
When the mind travel so far

Come and sit in peace with Me
Change the color and raise you sleeve
So simple is the Pure Heart
Open wide before you Die

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The Nocturnal Wind by the Poet Cyndarion

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