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Plan B by J. Perry Alldredge

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Plan B Poem by J. Perry Alldredge
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet J. Perry Alldredge.
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Plan B

It wasn’t deliberate my straying from the norm,

a call from my soul was leading me.

So the easier life requiring me to conform,

I rejected in favor of Plan B.

Smiling approval felt right for a while

then a sense of self-betrayal began to grow.

Until things that kept me from a heartfelt smile

were identified and finally let go.

In Plan B you have to face each day

knowing there’s no real tried and true.

Accepting that we are not here to stay

but simply passing through.

When you finally choose to follow Plan B,

You’ll find you’ve become aware.

Of the way life takes you effortlessly,

toward people who honestly care.

Fellow travelers with their lessons to teach,

prepare you for your role.

Of helping others find the courage to reach

and learn what’s contained in their soul.

Developing your spirit as woman or man

you drop off the need for success.

You soon open up to the Creator’s plan,

in thanksgiving for all you possess.

And Plan’s B does contain it’s rewards

like feeling purpose with each step you to take.

It’s where your finest moments are stored

along with a few heartaches.

I’m not on the planet to do any recruiting,

but I learned after a while,

to discourage any words that were self-deluding,

because they champion only one lifestyle.

Dwell in the knowledge that you are free,

And draw strength even in your meekness,

Create the circumstances of your plan B

And rejoice in your own uniqueness.

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Plan B by the Poet J. Perry Alldredge

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