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Enchantment by J. Perry Alldredge

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Enchantment Poem by J. Perry Alldredge
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet J. Perry Alldredge.
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by: J. Perry Alldredge

Do not shorten the days
spent with Enchantment,
by asking questions from a restless mind.

For Heaven’s sake,
abandon yourself to her authentic magic
and leave earthly logic far behind.

Her influence will guide you
toward a mystical opportunity,
offering you a chance to be reborn.

As the universe extends to you
a brand new energy,
so that you are truly transformed.

With Enchantment what should go wrong
instead often goes right,
and life’s path seems clearer to you.

Your burdens seem lighter
you are filled with faith
as your purpose comes into view.

Enchantment visits most often
with those selfless souls
who give of themselves constantly.

Because their inner bliss
acts like a beacon
Enchantment stops by frequently..

Enchantment’s company is costly,
for to keep her,
you must surrender ego’s space.

Then immersed in her awesome power
you will live your life,
under the influence of grace.

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Enchantment by the Poet J. Perry Alldredge

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