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LUMEN CHRISTI, (Light of Christ) by J. Perry Alldredge

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Lumen Christi, (Light of Christ) Poem by J. Perry Alldredge
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet J. Perry Alldredge.
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Lumen Christi, (Light of Christ)

Awaken my soul, and feel the winds of freedom.

No more slumber, it’s time to seek and find.

Spirit smiles and is prepared to lead you,

To life’s evidence of things divine.

Your inner heart has always had a resident,

The SOURCE implanted its essence there.

You’re being guided through inner stirrings,

To look, to listen, and to dare.

Old limitations have no power now,

Nothing’s left to block “the way“.

A knowing emanating from deep within you,

Propels you forward from day to day.

Look within the darkened shadows,

There’s nothing there to frighten you.

Thoughts are born without boundaries,

A kaleidoscope of the strange and new.

I now know this body is just a container,

My soul to it, voluntarily bound.

Once released it’s the soul that’s eternal,

Only the container decays in the ground.

Enduring Love‘s what we’re all seeking,

Every soul by that need connected.

Life’s lesson is to give more than you receive,

So that over time we are perfected.

Lumen Christi with you as my beacon

There’s no reason not to travel on.

Voluntarily abandoning my will completely,

To fulfill the purpose for which I was born.

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Light of Christ by the Poet J. Perry Alldredge

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