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The seven principals of HUNA

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Ancient Philosophies that Stand the Test of Time
The seven principals of HUNA

1) IKE - the world is what you think it is - BE AWARE
When one is aware of their thoughts, words and actions in nearly every moment throughout their day one can after a period of time by choosing a more positive, peaceful, loving and compassionate way of being find that the path that they are on soon becomes nothing but positive, peaceful, loving and compassionate. Being aware of how we act and react to everyday circumstances gives us a clear understanding of ourselves and the people and environment that is around us,e.g. are we a positive person, do we have compassion for our fellow human beings when they are crying out for help (yelling at us, blaming us for their unhappy circumstances etc.) I believe fully that when people are showing anger, frustration and aggression towards us they in away cant even see us they're looking straight in a mirror talking to themselves its just that you are there for them to express how they are truly feeling deep inside.(So don't take it personally just listen and love them). By being aware we take reasonability for everything in our world we can change it for the better if we so choose, so be aware of what's working and not working in your life and change it have a clear plan and go for it NOW.

2) KALA - there are no limits, BE FREE
There are no limits in this universe if we fully understand and believe this, the only thing on this 3 dimensional earth plane that has limits is our own mind, nine times out of ten due to conditioning from society and our upbringing that the only thing stopping us from reaching our full potential, our goals and dreams is our mind. So start NOW changing your thought patterns, beliefs and habits that hold you back believe me you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, as I say we only get one crack at this lifetime(I fully believe in reincarnation) though you only have this lifetime once, there has never been in the history of the universe and never will be a set of circumstances that you find yourself in now, there will never be another like you and never has been another like you, your unique just like every other being in the universe. So please make the most of every year ,week, day, hour and second, live your dream be that amazing being you came here to be because every year, week, day, hour and second you don't is another precious moment we never get back so choose NOW to be free.

3) MAKIA - energy goes where attention goes - BE FOCUSED
Put all your energy into achieving what you want out of this life, be focused and clear on what it really is you want. Place your energy into having a happy, joyful and loving life NOW. Focus your attention on what makes your heart sing and open up fully, take steps in achieving what you consider a fulfilling life and remember yours is most certainly going to be different to the other four billion people that live on this planet so encourage others to do the same and live and let live.

4) MANAWA - now is the moment of power - BE HERE
Especially in today's world we all tend to be living either in the past or in the future and are certainly not in the present moment. When your either in the past or future our energy becomes scattered and drained, we miss so many opportunities by not being in the moment .When we take control and be present we can achieve so much more, experience so much and understand so much more. We certainly get more done emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. By being in the NOW we allow ourselves to fully take in what's happening around us for example, what do we usually do when we simply go for a lovely walk our mind starts thinking what do I have to do tomorrow at work, I wonder what I will do this weekend, it was upsetting how my husband/wife spoke to me yesterday it really annoys me and so forth, if you'd been in the moment you would have noticed the wonderful sights, smells, noises and so on, on your little journey these are god/desses gifts to us that when we are in the NOW we fully experience all of what this beautiful world has to offer(and its allot more fun anyway those things can wait till you get home,enjoy the NOW).

(ALOHA the real meaning of this word is =ALO to be with,to share an experience,to be in the moment,OHA=joy.happiness.HA=life,breath,spirit.To love is to share the happiness of life here and now.)
5) ALOHA - To love is to be happy with - BE HAPPY
This really sums everything up and that is love I understand that love is the key to a wonderful happy and fulfilling life this is what every being should strive for, for love is everything so give it, be it, receive it, become it and fully embrace it at all times. Love is the highest, strongest and most purest form of energy in the universe this is the key to life the fundamental reason that we exist, why we go through all of these experiences this is the answer to life, it really is pretty simple but in the same breath so hard to achieve. So choose NOW to start unconditionally loving yourself for if we don't love ourselves unconditionally how can we truly love another we cannot give to another what we don't truly have for ourselves, its distorted conditional love
that we try to give to another if we don't love ourselves. So just love.

6) MANA - all power comes from within - BE CONFIDENT
True power that is from the heart and not from ego is very essential to achieving your goals. We need to be strong, confident and courageous to fulfill our potential on this planet. It really is the driving force that helps us push through the hard times on this earth, and when the power is pure it drives us to help ourselves and inspire others to do the same. So as with love, strive for clear power and build your mana everyday. See yourself to be full of confidence NOW.. choose to be a confident person NOW.. cultivate this energy and harness its full power and you will move mountains.

7) PONO - effectiveness is the measure of truth - Be POSITIVE
In this day and age it is very hard to stay positive when a lot of what's going on around us seems so negative. The effect of both these energies can be very strong and especially negative energy and thought can be sometimes overwhelming. So remember its all about attitude, having a positive outlook on life, try and be positive as much as possible.. And before you know it everything in your life will become positive. I believe like attracts like.. Be positive NOW and soon you will start attracting positive people, situations and outcomes.
As you can see, the Hawaiians have some beautiful simple philosophies. We can make life as complicated as we like or Choose NOW to make it as simple as we like. Why not choose the easy path as there is not one single reason why we have to keep making life so serious and hard. Give "easy and simple" a try and remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The universe is your oyster.. It is your canvas to paint your own beautiful picture, and remember to appreciate everyone else's picture.

These principals have been attributed to Serge Kahili King visit him on his website for everything to do with Huna www.alohainternational.org

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