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Lunascope: Taurus Full Moon
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Lunascope - Taurus Full Moon

By Rebekah Shaman

This moon is all about sharing so invite friends around for a big feast. All bring a pot to share and make it a long and sumptuous experience. Enjoy the abundance and spend the time really appreciating the food, each other and yourself. Thank Mother Earth with a blessing for everything she has given us and hug each other a lot!!

Take some time out to walk in Nature. Feel the wind, rain and sun on your face and spend time acknowledging the change in the seasons. Smell the wet grass and enjoy the colours of autumn. Spend some time in silence, just allowing your heart to speak. What is it saying? It guides us at every moment so if something or someone pops into your mind, follow up. Set clear intentions on what you want to manifest and then ask/pray to the Universe for help and support to achieve it.

Do one selfless act this week for someone that is not as fortunate as you. This opens the heart and reflects our abundance. It also helps us recognise what we have and enables us to celebrate the gifts and magic that is always in our lives.

Rebekah Shaman is the author of the the book "The Shaman's Last Apprentice", she also has a ethical and sustainable company called 'Hemp Global Solution'. The company aims to reinstate hemp as the number one crop on the planet and re-educate, lobby and promote the importance of this plant so that we can create a sustainable future for our children.

Rebekah's website is:www.rebekahshaman.com


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