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By Rebekah Shaman

The new/full moon cycle in Libra and Aries is yet another powerful astrological combination, spanning the full physical and spiritual spectrum. While we endeavour to follow our paths and fulfil our needs, we are more aware than ever that our actions have a direct impact on everything around us. The more we recognise that we are part of the whole, the greater our understanding that when our intentions are for the greater good, our actions are automatically supportive. When we are only thinking of our own needs and wants there is an element of conflict in all our relationships.

Once again, this full moon can help us to be the change through our actions towards ourselves, others and Mother Earth. It asks us: `How can I honour my own needs and wants while at the same time honouring the needs and wants of the greater whole?'
This is a time when we have to face the self-interest of Aries with the self-sacrifice of Libra. The Aries moon reflects our independence and impulsive nature. We are now being guided on our paths and the need to fulfil our dreams is strong. But there is a conflict between the me, me, me aspect of our consciousness, and the acceptance that we are part of a whole.
This Moon cycle encourages us to find balance in our relationships while being true to ourselves. It offers the opportunity to experience cooperation with others while still fulfilling our deepest needs and desires. This effect will be apparent on both the micro-personal, and macro-external levels.

This issue of balance has been emphasized by the melt-down of global financial markets over the last week. We are now seeing the consequences of selfish thinking and have one choice to make – do we go into the fear and cling on to what we have without regard for others, or do we recognize our role in a unified response and become the change by reaching out to others…

If someone is mega-rich, it is the law of duality that someone will be mega-poor. If we recklessly plunder the resources of Mother Earth, without cleaning up our mess and replacing what we use, we will pay with environmental devastation and create unthinkable chaos, death and destruction. This is the law of karmic causality and the simple wisdom of sustainability. Start now, under the full moon of Aries that signifies new beginnings, and take action.

It is time to take personal responsibility to use our power to make choices: reduce unnecessary consumption and be mindful in chasing material things. Supporting ethical businesses instead of destructive ones in your purchasing decisions, helping others work around the lack of flow in the financial systems by sharing resources, imagining the world back in peaceful balance – these and other actions, coming from your heart and intuition, can and will transform our world.

It is time to recognize what we have taken, both from humanity and the plant and animal kingdoms, and remember that everything is interconnected. Our actions during this time are extremely potent and will have major repercussions for years into the future. It is time for us to all choose wisely, unite together, and REPLACE the present system of manipulation, greed and individualism.

At this time, there is no point in wasting energy fighting others – focus all your precious energy and consciousness into building a future we can be proud of. As positive thoughts are thousand times more powerful than negative ones, we can easily change the world. In turn, our visions will guide our actions and the new paradigm of peace and cooperation will emerge triumphant.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Lao Tzu:
“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

This is the perfect time to burn, in the Aries full moon fire, everything you want to let go of. Write down all the things that are holding you back from being the change. This may be on the emotional, mental, spiritual or physical level. Be as honest as you can. The more in touch you are with your fears and feelings, the easier it is to let go of them.
If you are able to, light a fire outside and, as the flames rise, burn the list in the flames. See the smoke rise up into the night sky, burning away the barriers and the past, and creating a new beginning. If you are indoors use a candle to burn the list (use adequate precautions) and, as the list is reduced to ashes, just feel the energy that is holding you back burn away.
If it is a clear sky go out into the moonlight and connect with the full moon energy. Send your prayers, hopes and dreams out into the great Universe and ask for what you want. Use the power of your consciousness to reconnect with your higher wisdom and know that when you hold strong to your dreams and visions, without doubt or fear they will, by Karmic Law, come true. All intentions are fulfilled.

Rebekah Shaman is the author of the the book "The Shaman's Last Apprentice", she also has a ethical and sustainable company called 'Hemp Global Solution'. The company aims to reinstate hemp as the number one crop on the planet and re-educate, lobby and promote the importance of this plant so that we can create a sustainable future for our children.

Rebekah's website is:www.rebekahshaman.com


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