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By Rebekah Shaman

New Moon in VIRGO
Ritual for VIRGO NEW Moon

NEW MOON IN VIRGO – Saturday 30th August @ 19:58
The partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius allowed us to shine our light on the collective and humanitarian level. We were able to see the ‘larger picture’ and our own unique role in the greater scheme of things. The two eclipses shook things up and for many brought issues and challenges to the surface. As we enter this new phase, we can find new outlets for our creative urges and begin to openly live our dreams.

The Virgo new moon/Piscean full moon (15th September) conjunction represents our dreams being birthed in the physical. This new moon can help us to be the change through our actions towards ourselves, others and Mother Earth. It asks us: `How can my unique skills and talents help serve Mother Earth, myself and others?

This new moon urges us to be more health conscious, work orientated and focused. Virgo’s detailed orientation helps us adapt to any task and find solutions to potential problems. It brings discipline and routine to our lives and enables us to complete mundane chores joyfully and fulfil our ordinary responsibilities with humility and modesty.

Virgo’s earthy vibration also helps us keep to schedules and deadlines, and encourages us to make changes in our work life to better serve ourselves and others. Take this opportunity to go for a promotion, new job or career change. Pamper yourself with a massage, visit a spa, try a floatation tank or partake in some other (healthy) indulgence you might ordinarily find excuses not to do.

Catching up with the backlog of tasks that have been neglected or projects that have been put aside is deeply beneficial under this moon’s influence. The more you tidy up loose ends both emotionally and physically, the less cluttered your life will feel.

The key to this moon is to find the balance between ‘busy-ness,’ feeding your passions, and physically nurturing yourself. This moon highlights health, especially if the stress levels have been ramped up recently. It reminds us to focus on a healthy, natural lifestyle, be excessive in moderation, and get back into a good routine.

Use the heightening of intuition to filter out the noise and media bombardment of ‘bad news’ and open your eyes to the magic that is all around you. On a deep level your soul always knows what is happening. The Virgo moon may also bring important personal truths to light about what is happening on the planet and how you can be part of the change.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel impatient with where you are and what you have achieved. Resist the temptation to get caught up in the emotional charge. Use the analytical energy of Virgo to be objective - it is all too easy forget who you are becoming and that every action is the building blocks of future achievements. Take a practical look at what things you might need to change to be more fulfilled.

Traditionally, this is harvest time – a time of working on the land and being in nature. If things seem tough and negative, take a walk in the park and reconnect with nature; a beautiful flower, an ancient tree, a ladybird. This is also a good time to bond with animals – especially, pets and an excellent time to buy a pet and get more connected to the animal world.

This moon gives us a sense of purpose, a sense of place, and a sense of being grounded in doing something useful. Enjoy this moon - compared with recent moons it’s an emotional breather - and find fulfilment in serving others, the Earth, AND yourself!!!

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt:
“When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?”

Find some time in your busy day to be quiet and peaceful. Have a notebook or paper and pen handy, light a candle, and sit comfortably on the floor, feeling yourself grounded on Mother Earth. If you can, do this outside in nature. Breathe deeply three times and, as you exhale, breath out any stress and tension you may be holding in your body.

Now close your eyes and focus on your breath. Slowly become aware of the sounds around you. Bring yourself gently back to the present if you feel your mind wandering. Everything can wait – this is time for you. Calmly begin to mentally list all the things that need to be done. Just allow them to flow out without getting attached or stressed about how or when you will do them. This exercise is about bringing things to the surface where they can be more easily dealt with.

When you feel the process is complete, gently return your consciousness to the outside world, open your eyes, and write down the things that arose, however small or mundane. The importance and amount of information doesn’t matter, your heart does not have rational values, and the most seemingly unimportant tasks, (like making a phone call) can hold a powerful meaning for your inner self.

Once you have a list begin to prioritise each task, not only rationally, but with a sense of its value to your sense of self. Be realistic, setting outcomes you believe are achievable. As you concentrate on each item, imagine and experience it completed. Don’t allow rational thoughts, stresses or worries about how or when you are going to do them to interfere. Experience and enjoy the feeling of their completion and trust that you will effortlessly find the space and time to do what needs to be done.

When you have finished, put the list in an accessible place, and strike each task off as they are completed – remembering to thank yourself and the Universe. This will bring a sense of achievement and fulfilment and you may find your stress levels decreasing. This practice, once learned, can be extended as a tool to help you in all aspects of life, reducing your need to try and control life through effort.

Also take this opportunity to let go of a habit or addiction that is no longer serving you. Utilise Virgo’s discipline and perseverance to follow through your commitments to your health and well-being, even if it’s only till the next new moon. Alternatively, taking up a new hobby, exercise or diet will help you feel more connected to your body and disciplined.

Finally, this is the perfect time to perform random acts of kindness and senseless acts of love. Include family, friends and strangers. You don’t need to do anything specific, just keep your eyes open for the opportunity to support or help others, however small, and you will find your life will be richer and more rewarding for it.

Rebekah Shaman is the author of the the book "The Shaman's Last Apprentice", she also has a ethical and sustainable company called 'Hemp Global Solution'. The company aims to reinstate hemp as the number one crop on the planet and re-educate, lobby and promote the importance of this plant so that we can create a sustainable future for our children.

Rebekah's website is:www.rebekahshaman.com


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