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Darling, You're Divine

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Darling, You're Divine

By Rhoberta Shaler

Is that the way you think of yourself when you look in the mirror first
thing in the morning? I invite you to do so. It will change your day.

Does it seem presumptuous or arrogant or .? For many of us, we were
brought up to think we did not count for much. I remember one of my
mother's seemingly favorite questions being "Who do you think you are,
young lady?" You might have a similar memory.

I know there is great freedom, prosperity and joy waiting for you on the
other side of any question of your divine nature. Once you can accept this
right down to your toes, life changes. I know because I experienced it and
you will, too.

We measure ourselves against others, or, we've been taught to. Perhaps
you've already overcome that obstacle. It's a big mistake. I remember
hearing the story of Albert Schweitzer, the amazing medical missionary,
who was asked late in life if he was afraid of dying. He was reported to
have said,

"I'm not afraid of dying. I'm a little afraid of St. Peter's questions,

"How so?" said the reporter.

"I'm not afraid of St. Peter asking me why I wasn't Albert Einstein.
That's easy. I'm afraid he might ask me why I wasn't Albert Schweitzer."

Think about that! We are supposed to be us, not someone else, not someone
else's idea of who we are supposed to be. We are here to make our unique
contribution, not anyone else's. That's truly the "opportunity of a
lifetime!" We have a lifetime to step up and be fully expressing who we
are, yet many people keep themselves so busy they avoid finding out.

Recently, I've been struck by the number of people who tell me they are so
busy they are exhausted. They are usually a little taken aback when I ask
them why they choose that. There they were, all ready to tell me their
tale of constant activity and pressure and I'm not ready to hear. In fact,
I'm not even very willing to hear because they are the ones keeping
themselves so busy. The world is not doing it no matter how much they
would like me to think so.

Does that sound a little tough to you? It will if you cannot see that you
are choosing what you do, say and think every moment and be responsible
for it. There is no one running after you with a pitchfork prodding you
on.unless you allow them to. There is no one deciding what you
think.unless you allow them to. There is no one making any decisions in
your life but you. You are choosing your life just as it is. If you are
not experiencing joy, delight, love and prosperity, change your thinking.

DARLING, YOU'RE DIVINE. Remembering that, would you treat yourself
differently? I hope so. Would your interests, attention and expectations
change? I think so.

Are you willing to accept the absolute best in your life? Are you
expecting to? That's the key. When you know you are divinely connected,
everything is possible.everything good.

If you have taken my four-week teleseminar program, Midas Thinking, you'll
know that there is a way to move towards accepting the best for yourself
in every way. Once you change your perspective and your consciousness
about that, life is forever changed. You know one of my favorite sayings
is "Once you are conscious you were unconscious, you can never be
unconscious again!" That's the truth.

Become a Midas Thinker! Seek, see, select and savor the riches and
richness of life. You are that richness right here and now.


By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, Founder.

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