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One Step Away

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One Step Away

by Scott Rabalais

Here's the leap. The nature of unity consciousness is that of harmony. If one desires a state of harmony, whether individually or collectively, one need only tap straight into unity consciousness. From this awareness will flow the thought or energy that leads to the desired result of harmony. It's all so very simple. Fish and birds do not have enormous books of law and code, a Constitution, police forces and jails. They act according to unity consciousness, and thus manifest a natural harmony as they swim in schools or fly in flocks. Man, too, has the capability to act in harmony, but only when he taps into unity consciousness and thinks/acts from there.

There are a virtual infinite number of systems to which thought is applied. Those we are most familiar with may include religious, educational, political, media, health, military and others. Even our own bodies are systems, as is the anthill on the front lawn. There are systems within systems within systems. This is the structured world of thought. Thought systems are made of thought, and the quality of thought is what produces the quality of the system. The quality of the thought is in direct relation to the level of consciousness from which the thought is generated.

Many systems fail or experience decline not because of inadequate action or thought given to a situation, but because such systems are built almost exclusively from separation consciousness. Systems are inherently integrated, just like in our bodies. If one experiences a cut on a finger, all manner of systems from throughout the body respond to manifest healing. If the body was run by separation, then all other systems would ignore that which has occurred on the finger. However, the body is a magnificent product of unity consciousness that uses integrative intelligence to function in perfect health.

It is easy to blame others for the ills of our society. But blaming any individual or group does not get to the heart of the issue. Instead, we could blame behavior, such as the stealing, as a root cause. And yet we could go a step further and say that greed is the real issue, or lack of a morality. But the root of the issue is where the concept of greed comes from -- consciousness. And greed is a manifestation of separation consciousness. From unity consciousness, there cannot be greed, so there cannot be stealing, so there cannot be such an ill in our society.

Unity consciousness is the "missing link" on the planet Earth. It is the answer to every problem, every challenge, every issue we face today. All so-called "problems" that we face, every perception of disharmony and disorder in our lives, can be solved in unity consciousness. Various solutions and remedies from separation are offered, some apparently more effective than others. But they are still separation oriented; they are still cultivated from separation thinking. It is only when unity consciousness is realized that we can and will experience paradise on Earth. We are one step away.

Source: www.scottrabalais.com

One Step Away

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