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Where Have All The Blessings Gone? Article

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Where Have All The Blessings Gone?

By David Nelmes

For the longest time, man could only envision God as a being that required appeasing. For the longest time, man could only envision a God who would only bless you if you somehow found his favor or become worthy of his blessings in some way. There was a time when we even believed we had to be of a particular race in order to be blessed.

It's time to change this vision. It's time to see you are already worthy, no matter what. It's time to see you are already blessed and entitled to everything at any time. It's time to see that you are unconditionally blessed.

"Jesus once said "Your faith has healed you"...not your faith in me or your faith in God or your faith in crystals and crosses...he said "Your Faith"...period.
We have all prayed for things and later questioned why God did not help us. Why do some people have miracles and appear blessed when you are not? What is it that you must do to gain God's favor and receive the blessings that will heal your body, mind and spirit? Why isn't God listening to you? Where have all the blessings gone?

When no reply appears evident and when no sign of change can be seen, we are given countless reasons why God did not grant your request...

you did not pray correctly
you have unforgiven sins
you don't belong to the right church
you haven't done anything to be worthy of God spending his time on you
God has afflicted you for a reason
your sickness is who you are and you should embrace it
Basically, we are lead to believe that it is God who is holding out on us and that he is the one who has chosen not help us with our problems...for reasons that seem very unfair and not clear at all. We are simply expected to consider Gods lack of response as a mystery that may never be resolved.

When you see no action from God after having done all the things our religions have explained you must do, you are left feeling inadequate and undeserving. The situation raises the general feeling that you have failed in some way and that you are simply not worthy in Gods eyes...for some unknown reason. Having tried your best and having been rejected, anger and confusion will often follow. You ask... "Why would God allow this to happen? Why didn't God stop this? What else could I have done to please God so that he would listen to me? Why isn't God helping me?"

There is an answer to these questions. There is a answer so clear and so very simple and once you embrace this answer, you will never need to ask those questions again.

First let's consider that God has already given us every capacity to heal and perform miracles, just like Jesus. Jesus wasn't an exception...he was the template to follow and he even said "Greater miracles than these shall you do".

Secondly, set aside any thought that you must earn or deserve God's blessings because each of us...no matter what we have done or ever will do, has every blessing of God at our feet. There is nothing to earn. We are God's children and we inherited his blessings. They are simply ours, no matter what.

Thirdly, you don't have to ask God to grant you any favors or help you because that is what he already wants to do. There is never any reason to ask or beg. There is never any reason to believe you have to find something or do something to make yourself worthy of God's attention or blessings.

Finally, with all three thoughts accepted above, you just need to do one thing...allow God in. He's not waiting to find you worthy, he's waiting to be allowed in. In this world, you will get what you believe and if your beliefs embrace fear and lack...that is what you will experience here. In essence, whenever you embrace fear or lack, you are not allowing God in, and your life will appear to be without Gods blessings, but that is not so. God's blessings are always here, we just often fail to believe it or to accept it.

Jesus once said "Your faith has healed you"...not your faith in me or your faith in God or your faith in crystals and crosses...he said "Your Faith...period. This kind of thinking isn't making light of Jesus or God ...it is re-establishing them in their proper place...as a Father and Big Brother who have already given us what we need, while patiently waiting for us to accept their blessings.

Your capacity to heal or be healed has nothing to do with Jesus being crucified or with the concept that God required a sacrifice to appease him. Jesus was and is our true brother. He was as human as you and I and was born in the same way as you and I. He was no more special to God than you or I...otherwise, he could not be our brother and template to follow. Many contend that healing and forgiveness are due his shedding of blood, but he healed before he shed blood and he forgave before he shed blood. His death and shedding of blood was neither required to receive blessings nor required to appease God, it was simply the path he had chosen to follow to help us overcome other issues in our lives.

We are identical to Jesus in every way, with one single exception, he allowed God in on a level that has not yet been repeated...but will surly happen to all of us in time. His purpose to come here was to open a door we could not open ourselves and help us get past a stumbling block that had us seeing God in the same way as the Romans and Greeks viewed their gods...as supreme and fearful beings that required sacrifice and bloodshed to be appeased. His purpose was to open a path for the Holy Spirit to enter our lives and help us grow past these ancient perceptions of God and see the truth about our loving, peaceful and patient God.

As with Jesus, there is nothing God needs of you to appease him or for him to choose to bless you. Your blessings are already available. You are already worthy. You are his child and everything he has is also yours, without the asking and simply for the taking...we just have to believe it. Jesus believed it. You can believe it too.

When you feel lack or a need in any way, this is a sign you do not believe you have Gods blessings. Instead of focusing on your lack, which makes you feel even more unworthy and damned, see if you can catch yourself when you have these thoughts and instead, remind yourself that you do not have to experience this need or lack and that it is up to you alone to choose to see this differently and choose to accept the blessings of God that are already there. Say:
"These feelings and thoughts of lack or need, I hand over to the Holy Spirit to correct. I would rather see I am blessed. I choose to receive my blessings. I open the door for God to be one with me again."

Today, right now, you can start working on seeing and believing that Gods blessing are already available to you. Consider and practice these things:

"God is a God of love and he does not teach through fear or use fear in any way." Apply this to anything you read or hear.
Set aside what the world has taught you about God and be willing to see him differently.
Accept that you are a Son of God and are already worthy in Gods eyes for anything you feel you need.
God already wants you to be happy, healthy and secure because it is the only way you can ever truly be of help to yourself or others.
You never need to ask. Asking implies you believe you can be denied. Simply accept Gods blessings. Be thankful for the blessings you have experienced and for the blessing you are yet to experience.
For any need, no matter how great or small it may appear, say something like this "Thank you for teaching me and helping me to grow. I choose to be open to see my situation differently. I choose to accept your blessings and to see this problem as the opportunity for change that it really is. All thoughts of suffering, loss or lack, I hand over to you to correct. Instead I choose to embrace thoughts of love, peace, blessings, abundance and eternal happiness with you."
I think of miracles in the same way I view love. I believe love and peace exist at all times and never need to be sought or discovered, however, we do put things in our way and they obscure our sight of love and peace. In essence, we cover them. To regain our sense of love or peace, you need to remove what has been placed in the way and you will find love and peace right where it always has been...patiently waiting for you to return.

Miracles and blessing work in the same way as love and peace because they will be there for as long as we need them. When we are not experiencing blessings, it's simply because we have put something in the way. Be open to see what it is that you are placing between yourself and your blessings and remove the obstacle. With the obstacle removed, you will find God's blessings right where they always have been...patiently waiting for you to return.

I extend my love, peace and perception of God to you.

David Nelmes - David considers it a wonderful blessing that his insight and writings can provide opportunities for those around him to see things from perspectives they had not considered before. He pursues Gods truths and is open and willing to see what God would have him see. He invites you to join him.
You can visit David's website at: www.beingwilling.com

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