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Famous Quotes about Society
Collection of famous quotes about society by spiritual teachers and notable figures from history. Society includes quotes about societies, social classes and groups.

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  • Sometimes it can seem that every corner of our media-drenched society is sending an unmistakable message to our children and us: shed your dignity, exploit yourself and others, and you'll be on the path to glory.
    Shmuley Boteach Quote - Society - Exploiting - Destiny Quotes
  • Man is, at one and the same time, a solitary being and a social being. As a solitary being, he attempts to protect his own existence and that of those who are closest to him, to satisfy his personal desires, and to develop his innate abilities. As a social being, he seeks to gain the recognition and affection of his fellow human beings, to share in their pleasures, to comfort them in their sorrows, and to improve their conditions of life.
    Albert Einstein Quotes - Men - Behavior - Society - Human Quotes
  • But the personality that finally emerges is largely formed by the environment in which a man happens to find himself during his development, by the structure of the society in which he grows up, by the tradition of that society, and by its appraisal of particular types of behavior.
    Albert Einstein Quotes - Men - Society - Behavior Quotes
  • It is evident, therefore, that the dependence of the individual upon society is a fact of nature which cannot be abolished—just as in the case of ants and bees.
    Albert Einstein Quotes - Society Quotes
  • Innumerable voices have been asserting for some time now that human society is passing through a crisis, that its stability has been gravely shattered.
    Albert Einstein Quotes - Society - Human Quotes
  • In the West, the spirit is separate from the body. In the East these are things that are very real and concrete.
    Li Hongzhi Quote - Culture - Spirit - Reality - Society Quotes
  • Basically, a human being is a social animal. So, if you create some short moment of happiness for people, you get deep satisfaction.
    Dalai Lama Quotes
  • Sometimes, whether a desire is excessive or negative depends on the circumstances or society in which you live in.
    Dalai Lama Quotes
  • Integrated persons become individuals, and the society wants you to be non-individuals.
    Osho Quote - People - Individual - Society Quotes
  • Nobody seems to be in his right place; that's why this whole society is in such a mess.
    Osho Quote - Society - Critical Quotes - Judgment Quotes
  • The problem in Western society is that you don't look at life and death as a whole. You isolate death. That's why there's so much fear.
    Sogyal Rinpoche Quote - Society - Life - Death - Fear Quotes

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Society Quotes

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