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Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, (or simply known as Rumi or Mevlana in Turkey). The Sufi mystic was born on the 30th of September, 1207 and died on the 17th of December, 1273.

Published writtings by Rumi include "Masnavi-ye Manavi", "
Diwan-e Shams-e Tabriz-i", and "Fihi Ma Fih".

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  • Walk patiently through this troubled world, and you will find great treasure. Even though your house may be small, look within it!
    Rumi Quote
  • Turn back from the outer, set your eyes within.
    Rumi Quote
  • Submit to a daily practice. Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window.
    Rumi Quote
  • Whether slow or speedy, he that seeks will find. Always apply with both hands the pursuit. For search is an excellent guide.
    Rumi Quote
  • Be warmed with love, for only love exists. Where is intimacy except in giving and receiving?
    Rumi Quote
  • Close your eyes to the start, and contemplate the end.
    Rumi Quote
  • Your mind, this globe of awareness, is a starry universe. When you push off with your foot, a thousand new roads become clear.
    Rumi Quote
  • Truth lifts the heart, like water refreshes thirst.
    Rumi Quote
  • Every question I ask is about you. Every step I take is toward you.
    Rumi Quote
  • Deep within my heart I always catch the scent of the Beloved. How can I help but follow that fragrance?
    Rumi Quote
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