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Richard Moss

Dr. Richard Moss is an internationally recognized spiritual and self-help author, teacher and physician.

Published books from Richard Moss include "The I That Is We", "How Shall I Live", "The Second Miracle", and "The Mandala of Being - Where Do You Go When You Leave the Now?".

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  • A relationship can be thought of as a “space” or an energetic dynamic that is created between two or more people depending on where those individuals start from in themselves.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • This is where a relationship can help to make us more conscious because it mirrors back to us.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • No other person is every really the cause of our unhappiness or dissatisfaction. We are just afraid to claim our true self, live from that, and accept the consequences of what then is created in the relationship.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • But before any of us are in a rush to end a relationship we should be honest with ourselves: It is never the other who makes us miserable or who can save us.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • This false self is not really capable of true intimacy and always shows up later in life later in life and creates the destructive patterns in relationships.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • Our false self is what drives us to believe that we can save somebody else or that we’re indispensable to another, or it is why we expect ourselves or others to be perfect.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • When we live out of something that’s not real in ourselves, ultimately our relationships can’t work, and they eventually become relationships of misery, anger or numbness.
    Richard Moss Quote
  • A relationship is not a static thing; it is built and grows healthy or unhealthy moment by moment.
    Richard Moss Quote

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Richard Moss Quotes

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