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Ramana Maharshi Quotes
Sri Ramana Maharshi

Born Venkataraman, was born on the 30th of December 1871 and died on the 14th of April 1950. Sri Ramana Maharshi was born in Tiruchuzhi near Madurai in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Published books by and on Sri Ramana Maharshi include "The Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi", "Be as You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi", "The Collected Works Of Sri Ramana Maharshi", and "The Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi: A Visual Journey."

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  • Realisation is nothing to be got afresh. It is already there. All that is necessary is to be rid of the thought: “I have not realised.”
    Ramana Maharshi Quote
  • There is no moment when the Self is not. So long as there is doubt or the feeling of non-realisation, attempt must be made to rid oneself of these thoughts.
    Ramana Maharshi Quote
  • Knowledge and ignorance are of the mind. They are born of duality. But the Self is beyond knowledge and ignorance. It is light itself.
    Ramana Maharshi Quote
  • The Power that created you created the world as well. If God created the world it is His business to look after it, not yours.
    Ramana Maharshi Quote
  • Just as fire is obscured by smoke, the shining light of consciousness is obscured by the assemblage of names and forms, the world.
    Ramana Maharshi Quote
  • You must distinguish between the `I', pure in itself, and the `I'-thought. The latter, being merely a thought, sees subject and object, sleeps, wakes up, eats and thinks, dies and is reborn.
    Ramana Maharshi Quote

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