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Pope john paul II
Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II, born Karol Józef Wojtyla, was born on the 18th of May 1920 and died on the 2nd of April 2005. Pope John Paul II was born in Wadowice, Poland.

Published works by Pope John Paul II include "Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way", "The Way to Christ - Spiritual Exercises", "Love and Responsibility", and "Pope John Paul II - In My Own Words."

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  • True freedom always aims at overcoming evil with good.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • The failure to solve the Palestinian-Israeli issue remains a permanent factor of destabilization for the whole region, not to speak of the indescribable suffering it has caused both the Israeli and the Palestinian peoples.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • True and lasting peace cannot be merely reduced to keeping a balance between the forces in question; above all, it is the result of moral and juridical action.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • And how can I fail to mention the international terrorism which by sowing fear, hate and fanaticism disgraces all the causes that it claims to serve?
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • We will never be able to resign ourselves passively to allowing violence to keep peace hostage!
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • Everywhere that peace is at stake there are Christians to attest in words and actions that peace is possible.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • Secularity is not secularism! It is nothing other than respect for all beliefs on the part of the State that assures the free exercise of ritual, spiritual, cultural and charitable activities by communities of believers.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • There is no doubt at all that a healthy dialogue between the State and the Churches - which are not rivals but partners - can encourage the integral development of the human person and harmony in society.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • As Christians, we are jointly responsible for the peace and unity of the human family.
    Pope John Paul Quotes
  • I am convinced that if Christians could overcome their divisions there would be greater solidarity in the world.
    Pope John Paul Quotes

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