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Peter Garrett Quotes
Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett, was born on the 16th of April 1953. Peter Garrett was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Albums released by Peter Garrett and Midnight Oil include "Diesel and Dust", "Blue Sky Mining", "The Real Thing", and "Head Injuries".

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  • Antarctic's unique and critical role in the world's climate system, are focusing very strongly on climate change research and also potential impacts.
    Peter Garrett Quotes
  • I want to see over 400,000 hectares of specific habitat particularly habitat for threatened and endangered species, added in under Caring For Our Country in the next two years.
    Peter Garrett Quotes
  • There's a point where if you become totally public property, there's nothing of your private life left and then your going to turn into a waxworks figure.
    Peter Garrett Quotes
  • It makes me a little angry at the thought that we haven't moved on from the racist attitudes of the '50s and '60s.
    Peter Garrett Quotes
  • Well, if we're gonna go for a list, the first thing that we should be serious about is global warming and climate change.
    Peter Garrett Quotes
  • The second one is that Aussies have gotta stop, and the governments have gotta stop, allowing the bush to be cleared, because habitat is what it's all about.
    Peter Garrett Quotes
  • I mean, we're terrible water addicts in the driest continent on earth, we've got salinity spreading across the continent and damaging farmlands.
    Peter Garrett Quotes

Peter Garrett Quotes
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Peter Garrett Quotations

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