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Martin Luther King Quotes:
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Martin Luther King Quotes
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther king was born on the 15th of January, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America. He died on the
4th of April, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States of America.

Published books by Martin Luther King include "Stride toward freedom; the Montgomery story", "Strength to Love", "The Measure of a Man", and "The Trumpet of Conscience".

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  • We must come to the point of seeing that our ultimate aim is to live with all men as brothers and sisters under God.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • And this is one thing that Ghana teaches us: that you can break aloose from evil through nonviolence, through a lack of bitterness.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • Before you get to Canaan you’ve got a Red Sea to confront; you have a hardened heart of a pharaoh to confront; you have the prodigious hilltops of evil in the wilderness to confront.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • The road to freedom is a difficult, hard road.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • You must remember that the tensionless period that we like to think of was the period when the Negro was complacently adjusted to segregation, discrimination, insult, and exploitation.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • And this is the peace that we are seeking: not an old negative obnoxious peace which is merely the absence of tension, but a positive, lasting peace which is the presence of brotherhood and justice.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • But finally, Ghana tells us that the forces of the universe are on the side of justice.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • That thing symbolized to me that an old order is passing away and a new order is coming into being.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • An old order of colonialism, of segregation, of discrimination is passing away now, and a new order of justice and freedom and goodwill is being born.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • Somehow the forces of justice stand on the side of the universe, so that you can’t ultimately trample over God’s children and profit by it.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • I stood there in awe thinking about the greatness of God and man’s feeble attempt to reach up for God.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • But something else came to my mind: God comes in the picture even when the Church won’t take a stand. God has injected a principle in this universe.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • God has said that all men must respect the dignity and worth of all human personality, and if you don’t do that, I will take charge.
    Martin Luther King Quote
  • And I say to you this morning, my friends, rise up and know that as you struggle for justice you do not struggle alone, but God struggles with you.
    Martin Luther King Quote

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