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Marianne Williamson Quotes
Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, the spiritual author was born on the 8th of July, 1952, Williamson is a native of Houston, Texas in the United States of America.

Published spiritual books by Marianne Williamson include "A Return to Love", "A Woman's Worth", "
Illuminata", and "The Healing of America".

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  • When you understand spiritual law, then you realize that everything you give, good or bad, will in fact come back to you.
    Marianne Willamson Quote
  • I also remind you of the spiritual principal, virtue is it's own reward.
    Marianne Willamson Quote
  • At the highest level of awareness, the greatest gift given and received when you give someone flowers, is the joy of living a life based on love.
    Marianne Willamson Quote
  • But an important point is that there are those who have achieved that level of enlightened love, and the purpose of our lives is to try our best to become like them.
    Marianne Willamson Quote
  • Commitment and focus with a nice sense of humour of course and it is extremely important not to take ourselves too seriously.
    Marianne Willamson Quote
  • While enlightenment is not a weekend seminar, when we work at forgiveness, we certainly find ourselves more healed and whole.
    Marianne Willamson Quote
  • Clearly, not everyone is in conscious touch with this, but not everyone has conscious knowledge of how their lungs operate either.
    Marianne Willamson Quote

Quotes by Marianne Williamson
Marianne Willamson Quotes

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