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Dr. John Gordon Melton
John Gordon Melton was born on the 19th of September, 1942, in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States of America.

Published books by Dr. J. Gordon Melton include "Finding Enlightenment: Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom", "American Religions: An Illustrated History", and "The Church of Scientology"

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  • I enjoyed meeting the different religions, meeting the believers and their leaders, but it was the kind of thing that could become all-consuming, so I continually search around for things to divert me.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • I believe in being a whole person, that is, in the need to express yourself in a number of ways.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • JZ Knight emerged in the 1980s as probably the most successful of a new wave of channelers.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • Channelers are people that we used to call mediums, who claim contact with various kinds of preternatural beings and who are seen as having greater and more evolved wisdom than us common folk.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • First, it points to the fact that channeling as we know it today is a common phenomenon in religion and many religions are partially or totally formed on channeled documents.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • The baby boomers came along just as we got an influx of eastern religions, the growth of the New Age movement, it all happened at once, and it overwhelmed a lot of us.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • The great majority of people who become channelers fall into a Gnostic camp. If you look at their teachings, they are overwhelmingly Gnostic.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • Christianity has had a corner on the market, religiously speaking, so the number of alternatives available to people has been limited. In essence, one has to get outside the culture to find a different authority.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote
  • The United States has built a radically different cultural norm, in that society can remain united with a diversity of religion.
    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Quote

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John Melton Quotes

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