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Immaculée Ilibigiza Quotes

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Immaculee IIibigiza quotes
Immaculée Ilibigiza

Immaculée Ilibigiza is a Tutsi from the African
country of Rwanda. She now lives in the United States of America.

Published book by Immaculée Ilibigiza "Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust".

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  • Really, there is nothing that matters in life more than love, love, love.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • You love because you have it in your heart. You don’t love because people deserve it. You love because they are human beings, because they are the creations of God.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • But once you make a decision, just check if you have enough love in your heart, and then you will never regret it.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • I am just enjoying, really, helping people to let God, to forgive.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • But if I can go through what I went through, if I can still live and go through that pain for life on earth to change for the best, let it be.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • God knows that I had to go through it because we are on our journey to eternal life.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • One thing I would change. I would just remind them more often that I love them. I would forgive them. I would want only the best that they were in my life. I would cherish every moment.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • Another thing I want to suggest is that, really, life is short, this life on earth anyways, but there is eternal life if you can only just keep love and remind people you love that you love them because it is short and there is nothing better than telling people.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote
  • The lesson, really, is that simple, just to clean your heart and to let love be there.
    Immaculée Ilibigiza Quote

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Immaculée Ilibigiza Quotes

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