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Phillip Calvin McGraw Ph.D., was born on the 1st of September, 1950. Dr. Phil was born in Vinita, Oklahoma, in the United States of America.

Published books from and about Dr. Phil Mcgraw include "Family First", "Getting Real", "Life Strategies", and "Love Smart".

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  • Identify the payoffs that drive your behavior and that of others.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • If you want to stop behaving in a certain way, you've got to stop "paying yourself off" for doing it.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • Payoffs can be as simple as money gained by going to work to psychological payoffs of acceptance, approval, praise, love or companionship.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • Be alert to the possibility that your behavior is controlled by fear of rejection.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • It's easier not to change.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • Stop making excuses and start making results.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • If you're unwilling or unable to identify and consciously acknowledge your negative behaviors, characteristics or life patterns, then you will not change them.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • You've got to face it to replace it.
    Dr. Phil Quotes
  • Even the most destructive behaviors have a payoff.
    Dr. Phil Quotes

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