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David Attenborough Quotes
David Attenborough

Sir David Frederick Attenborough was born on the 8th of May, 1926. David Attenborough was born in London, England.

Nature documentaries David Attenborough has written and presented include
"Life on Earth", "The Living Planet" and " Life in Cold Blood."

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  • Over the last fifty years, one way or another, I seem to have visited a rainforest, a tropical rainforest, pretty well every year.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • In fact, over 50% of species of living organisms live in the rainforest alone.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • You’ve already heard, and heard eloquently, how important the rainforest is in the creation of the climate of the world.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • But if you destroy the rainforest, you are destroying 50% of the species of living creatures on this earth and we do not even know now what they are.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • I number myself among them, who think that we actually do not have the moral right to destroy this extraordinary, wonderful manifestation of the natural world that is a result of centuries, millennia of evolution.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • We used not to understand about the ecology of the rainforest. Now we do. So we have no excuses; none whatsoever.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • We live in one world. We, and all the other nations round the world, are
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • What happens in the rainforest effects us here and what we do here affects what happens in the rainforest. We cannot opt out of this situation.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • I regret to say that I also believe, indeed know, that we are at the very last tick of the clock. We have got to take this opportunity, and if we do not do something to help those in those forests, we are betraying
    generations that come after us.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • It is an inspiring recognition that protection of the natural world, which I have spent so much of my life documenting, should be the concern of all humanity.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • I have got the best job going and to go around the world and see all those marvellous things is more than anyone could wish for.
    David Attenborough Quotes
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