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David Attenborough Quotes
David Attenborough

Sir David Frederick Attenborough was born on the 8th of May, 1926. David Attenborough was born in London, England.

Nature documentaries David Attenborough has written and presented include
"Life on Earth", "The Living Planet" and " Life in Cold Blood."

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  • People are being increasingly cut off from the natural world. And the television can allow people to get back in touch, to at least see something of what’s going on outside which is essential if they’re going to take responsibility for nature.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • The thing that really absolutely appals me is the realisation that there are three times as many people alive on Earth as when I started making television programmes.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • There’s just so little space for other creatures.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • All one asks is that they treat the animals with respect and if they treat them with knowledge and admiration then that’s a bonus.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • What really gets me down is when people say, ‘It’s only a theory that we are related to apes.’ It’s not only a theory. It is a historical fact, evident and provable.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • I think that anybody with any sense of perspective-geological or evolutionary-will recognise that the one thing the world has never ever been is static.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • Being in touch with the natural world is crucial.
    David Attenborough Quotes
  • I'm afraid I'm not a practising Christian, but it seems to me to be absolutely correct that the Archbishop of Canterbury should be a political force.
    David Attenborough Quotes
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David Attenborough

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