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Carlos Castaneda Quotes
Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda, the spiritual author was born in Peru on December 25th, 1925 and died in Los Angeles on April 27th, 1998.

Published spiritual books by Carlos Castaneda include "The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui way of knowledge", "The Fire from Within", "
The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan", and "Magical Passes."

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  • I reveal only the order, only the system. So, as to make us realize that the Indians are very, very tenacious, they are persistent people and as intelligent as anybody.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • Don Juan used to say the first part of his life was a waste---he was in limbo. The second part of his life was absorbed in the future; the third, in the past, nostalgia. Only the last part of his life was now.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • I thought I knew how to love. Don Juan said, "How could you? They never taught you about love. They taught you how to seduce, to envy, to hate. You don't even love yourself.
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
  • I am not a guru. I cannot allow or disallow anything to anyone. That's too Hindu! I cannot tell anyone if he is a shaman or not; neither that he is in fact an idiot. Who am I to tell him that?
    Carlos Castaneda Quotes
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Carlos Castanada Quotes

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