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Carl Sagan Quotes
Carl Sagan

Carl Edward Sagan, was born on the 9th of November, 1934 and died on the 20th of December, 1996. Carl Sagan was born in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States of America.

Published books from Carl Sagan include "Other Worlds", "The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence", "Cosmos", and "Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space".

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  • I personally have been captured by the notion of extraterrestrial life, and especially extraterrestrial intelligence from childhood.
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • I think science is an incomplete and inadequate instrument for finding out about the world. But it's by far the best tool we have.
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • So if we wish to be the center of the universe, if we wish to be the reason that there is a universe - as prominent religions have promised - then science is plunging us into a very cold pool, because the facts are very different.
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • When a comparatively simple, straightforward mathematical expression turns out to correspond to aspects of the natural world . . . believe me, almost every scientist who's experienced that feels the same kind of reverence and awe that we bring to great art and great music.
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • Which goes directly to the question of how the laws of nature are constructed. Nobody knows the answer to that. Nobody!
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • Where did that creator come from? And where did his, her, or its elegance come from? And if you say it was always there, then why not say that the laws of nature were always there and save a step?
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • It's a perfectly legitimate hypothesis, in my view, to say that some extremely elegant creator made those laws.
    Carl Sagan Quote
  • One thing we've found - not assumed, but discovered - is that the laws of nature are the same everywhere.
    Carl Sagan Quote

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Carl Sagan Quotes

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