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Gautama Buddha is said to be born around 563 BCE and had died around
483 BCE, most modern scholars agree on these dates.

In Buddhist tradition Gautama Buddha's birth name was Siddhartha Gautama, this was changed after he went on a quest for the truth behind life and death.

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  • Associate not with evil friends, associate not with mean men; associate with good friends, associate with noble men.
    Buddha Quote
  • Just as a deep lake is clear and still, even so, on hearing the teachings, the wise become exceedingly peaceful.
    Buddha Quote
  • Few among men are they who cross to the further shore. The other folk only run up and down the bank on this side.
    Buddha Quote
  • By having no attachment and desires and by forsaking sensual pleasures, a wise man gets rid of his impurities.
    Buddha Quote
  • Happy is one, who beholds the holy ones. To live with the holy ones is ever pleasant.
    Buddha Quote
  • Verily, from meditation arises wisdom. Without meditation wisdom wanes.
    Buddha Quote
  • The fickle, unsteady mind, so hard to guard, so hard to control, the wise man straightens, as the fletcher straightens the arrow.
    Buddha Quote

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