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Bob Geldof Quotes
Bob Geldof

Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof, was born on the 5th of October 1951. Bob Geldof was born in Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland.

Bob Geldof was the former lead singer of the band called the Boomtown Rats who had a hit single called 'I Don't Like Mondays'. Geldof is also well known for his humanitarian work, as well as setting up charity events such as Live 8, Band Aid and Live Aid.

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  • The essence of life must be innovation and that's the thing, the thing that triggers these high worth individuals at a certain point, they are simply repeating that which they initiated in the first place.
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • We will have ludicrous taxes and subsidies to try and promote failing industries in our own countries which will in any case fail.
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • We will be paying tax money to keep these failing industries going to keep out competitors who can give us the goods for cheaper.
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • We'll never get rid of cars so we need to think about how to live with them without running the planet down.
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • We may mess around with wind and waves and other renewable energy sources, trying to make them sustainable, but they're not.
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • In the UK, we'll soon have to scramble for more nuclear power. On this issue, I don't care what anyone says: we're going to go with it, big time.
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • You only have to open your eyes to see what I call the 'Sad Dads on Sundays Syndrome.'
    Bob Geldof Quotes
  • You can't trust politicians. It doesn't matter who makes a political speech. It's all lies.
    Bob Geldof Quotes

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Bob Geldof

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