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Bob brown Quotes
Bob Brown

Robert James Brown was born on the 27th of December, 1944. Bob Brown was born in Oberon, New South Wales, Australia.

Senator Dr. Bob Brown is a famous Australian politician and environmentalist. He is currently the leader of the Federal Greens party.

Bob Brown has published several books including "The Greens" and "Lake Pedder."

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  • There is little doubt that human activity is causing the Earth to get hotter by increasing the amount of gases that trap heat in its atmosphere.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • We are tampering with the very systems that sustain life on Earth.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Per capita, we are one of the top three emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Also in Queensland, clearing of native vegetation is continuing at outrageous rates of 300 000 to 400 000 hectares per annum.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • About 70% of all the carbon stored on the land is in forests and wetlands. Older trees store very much more carbon than younger trees.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • Logging old forests drastically depletes the pool of stored carbon, which can only be replenished over hundreds of years. Plantations do not make up for logged wild forests.
    Bob Brown Quotes
  • It will help us reap the benefits of the best solar energy research in the world by turning attention to renewable instead of fossil energy.
    Bob Brown Quotes

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Bob Brown Quotes

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