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Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis, was born in 1951. Barbara De Angelis lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Published books from Barbara De Angelis include "Sercrets about men every woman should know", "Are you the one for me?" and "How did I get here?".

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  • Of course, if you choose to not learn the lessons, you will have to repeat the class, either in the same lifetime with a similar teacher, or in a new lifetime in a similar situation.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • Two souls come together with very similar assignments, and choose to spend many, many years working through their lessons and helping each other grow.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • And then, I believe, there is the relationship between two soulmates, two souls whose destiny is closely connected for all time.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • My experience is that a true soulmate is a soul bound to yours by a profound and timeless level of love, trust and devotion.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • In the presence of a true soulmate, you grow to feel completely loved, completely safe, completely known, and thus it is easy to remember your true nature as Love.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • So if home felt like chaos, you might seek unstable partners who will help you create dramatic, chaotic relationships.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes

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Barbara De Angelis Famous Quotes

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