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Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis, was born in 1951. Barbara De Angelis lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Published books from Barbara De Angelis include "Sercrets about men every woman should know", "Are you the one for me?" and "How did I get here?".

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  • Some people are victims; they won't take responsibility for their part in a relationship breaking up. I don't mean that their partner isn't also responsible -- sometimes in a big way -- but a victim's responsibility lies in pretending the marriage was fine when it wasn't.
    Barbara De Angelis Quote
  • You learn about love from two things: one, how your parents treat you; and two, watching how they treat each other. To me, whether the parents are living in the same house or not is secondary.
    Barbara De Angelis Quote
  • I've never in all my years working with people had an adult say to me: "You know, my parents were miserable, they didn't have sex, they fought all the time, they never showed affection for each other, but I'm glad they stayed together so that my brother and I could have the illusion of a happy childhood."
    Barbara De Angelis Quote
  • The truth is that most people are struggling in relationships, whether they stay together or not or have an affair. I've been through every side of every issue; there's almost nothing I can hear that I've not been through or been exposed to.
    Barbara De Angelis Quote

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