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Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis, was born in 1951. Barbara De Angelis lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Published books from Barbara De Angelis include "Sercrets about men every woman should know", "Are you the one for me?" and "How did I get here?".

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  • The "I'll be happy when..." syndrome -- postponing your happiness until some outside event or occurrence changes your life forever -- is one of the biggest ways we sabotage our happiness.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • We don't have enough real moments -- with people we love or with ourselves -- and so we have this hunger inside for meaning, and we fill ourselves up with food or shopping or money or success.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • So commitment-phobics or love junkies are trying to use love in the same way as someone would use drugs to get high. Except that you have to keep falling in love -- one person isn't going to do it for you.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • In a relationship, if both people are thinking, "I want you to make me happy," at some point they're going to disappoint each other greatly.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • And two people who aren't satisfied with themselves, who aren't both looking into themselves, aren't going to make a relationship with a strong foundation.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • It's a real problem, because the real meaning of life, the real truth of life, and the real learning in life all take place on the inside.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes
  • The inner world is so rich and vast: it's the direction we're supposed to be looking in. What we do, how much money we make, what we wear -- none of these define who we are as much as how we feel, how we love.
    Barbara De Angelis Quotes

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