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Ashley judd Quotes
Ashley Judd

Born Ashley Tyler Ciminella, was born on the 19th of April, 1968. Ashley Judd was born in Granada Hills, California in the United States of America.

Films in which Ashley Judd has appeared in, include "Helen"
"Crossing Over" , "Tooth Fairy" and "High Crimes."

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  • Your body is sacred and you have the right to be autonomous with the god of your understanding.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • Children are the collateral damage of human trafficking.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • In fact, is what each of these people are, what each of us in this room is: beings of infinite value and worth.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • I am talking about universal spiritual principles, applicable to all, whatever their personal creed.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • Because it is my experience that this work in human trafficking and poverty reduction cannot be sustained without a faith that works under all conditions.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • We must believe with all our might that every human life is of inestimable worth and that when we save one of these, we save the whole world.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • I have been taught it is abusive to highlight a problem without also highlighting the solution.
    Ashley Judd Quotes
  • Today I use my voice to bring you their muted ones with the urgency of a life or death errand, and may we ache always for the poor who have never had a visitor such as I.
    Ashley Judd Quotes

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Ashley Judd

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Quotes from Ashley Judd

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