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Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Kasner was born on the 17th of July, 1954. Angela Dorothea Merkel was born in Hamburg, Germany.

Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Forbes magazine has listed Merkel as the most powerful woman in the world since 2006. In 2007 Merkel was the President of the European Council and is a member of the Council of Women World Leaders.

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  • A third great challenge of the 21st century, by a wall, so to speak, separating the present from the future. That wall prevents us from seeing the needs of future generations, it prevents us from taking the measures urgently needed to protect the very basis of our life and climate.
    .Angela Merkel Quote
  • In the Arctic ice­bergs are melting, in Africa people are becoming refugees due to environmental damage, and global sea levels are rising.
    Angela Merkel Quote
  • We have to agree on one objective – global warming must not exceed two degrees Celsius.
    Angela Merkel Quote
  • We cannot afford failure with regard to achieving the climate protection objectives scientists tell us are crucial.
    Angela Merkel Quote
  • The development of new tech­nologies in the energy sector offers major opportunities for growth and jobs in the future.
    Angela Merkel Quote
  • And then, in Copen­hagen, we will be able to tear down the wall between the present and the future – in the interests of our children and grandchildren and of sustainable development worldwide.
    Angela Merkel Quote
  • On October 3, 1990 the Freedom Bell rang to mark the reunification of Germany, the greatest moment of joy for the German people.
    Angela Merkel Quote
  • I believe 2009 will be a decisive year for the question of how the world is to live together in the future.
    Angela Merkel Quote

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