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Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Kasner was born on the 17th of July, 1954. Angela Dorothea Merkel was born in Hamburg, Germany.

Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Forbes magazine has listed Merkel as the most powerful woman in the world since 2006. In 2007 Merkel was the President of the European Council and is a member of the Council of Women World Leaders.

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  • In recent years we've had the Asian crisis, the new-economy crisis, and now this great international financial and economic crisis -- we can't slide into a crisis every five to seven years.
    Angela Merkel Quotes
  • However, neither a single country nor a continent can save the climate alone. Copenhagen is about global commitment.
    Angela Merkel Quotes
  • I can assure the citizens that active climate protection will also improve our economic future. Whoever captures the market for environment technology first, wins long term.
    Angela Merkel Quotes
  • There is no doubt that there is a man-made rapid rise in global temperatures.
    Angela Merkel Quotes
  • Earlier, plants and animals had the opportunity to adapt to changes over thousands of years. Not anymore. And never before have so many people inhabited the earth.
    Angela Merkel Quotes
  • Anyway, even if one is a climate doubter, and I am not one, a sensible use of valuable and limited resources such as natural gas and oil and a sustainable economy is necessary.
    Angela Merkel Quotes
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Angela Merkel Quotations

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