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Angela Davis Quotes
Angela Davis

Angela Yvonne Davis, was born on the 26th of January, 1944. Angela Davis was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States.

Published books by Angela Davis include "Abolition Democracy: Beyond Prisons, Torture, and Empire" , "Women, Culture and Politics" , "Women, Race and Class" and "Are Prisons Obsolete?"

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  • I try to encourage young people to look among themselves for models as opposed to assuming that they can find them in the past.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • Had it not been for slavery, the death penalty would have likely been abolished in America. Slavery became a haven for the death penalty.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • I often say that respect for your elders is good, but you have to combine the right amount of respect with a few doses of disrespect in order to extricate yourselves from the historical past.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • We have to dispense with old ideas about Black unity or women's unity.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • The kind of unity we need, I think, is unity forged around political projects as opposed to unity based simplistically on race or gender.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • If we don't do the work, we will be confronting a future far direr and far more dangerous than the present.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • What I think is different today is the lack of political connection between the black middle class and the increasing numbers of black people who are more impoverished than ever before.
    Angela Davis Quote
  • We have to look at for example the increasing globalization of capital, the whole system of transitional capitalism now which has had an impact on black populations.
    Angela Davis Quote

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