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Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, was born on the 25th of September, 1953. Amma was born in the small village of Parayakadavu, Kollam, Kerala, India.

Amma also known as 'mother', 'hugging mother', 'hugging saint' and 'Ammachi' is a Indian spiritual leader,some of her devotees call her a saint. She has devoted most of her life to humanitarian causes around the world, especially in her home country of India.

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  • Here, life in the West is so colorful, though only externally. But mentally, there is so much emptiness, anxieties and tension filled lives.
    Amma Quotes
  • Meditation is our natural state; it is our soul state. When we are in meditation, or in Samadhi, in that experience, months, days, years, we do not count the time.
    Amma Quotes
  • A real seeker of God with his silence, wherever he may be, he sends the vibrations of his peace and love to this universe. It is enough.
    Amma Quotes
  • In this sound Om there are three letters. One is Acara, the physical body, mortal body; second is Omkara, the mental body; and third is Makara, the spiritual body.
    Amma Quotes
  • Learn and practice meditation regularly. Learn the silence meditation and chant the Mantra day and night. This is the only way to peace and blessedness.
    Amma Quotes
  • As we chant this Om sound, daily, hundred times, or for one hour in silent meditation, gradually, the impurities in the heart will be dispelled, and you will realize who you are, the immortal self, one with God.
    Amma Quotes

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