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Alan Watts Quotes
Alan Watts

Alan Wilson Watts was born on the 6th of January, 1915 and died on the 16th of November, 1973. Alan Watts was born in Kent, England.

Published books by Alan Watts include "In My Own Way", "The Spirit of Zen" , "The Meaning of Happiness" and "The Two Hands of God."

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  • I will take the view of time of the Hindus. The Hindus had no such small-minded provincial idea as that the world was created in a mere 4000 B.C.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • We in the West think of the world as an artifact, something made by a grand technician, the Creator. But the Hindus do not think that the world is created at all.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • In other words, you and the birds and bees and the flowers, the rocks and the stars are all a big act being put on by God, who is pretending in order to amuse himself.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • If I were to ask you very seriously to consider what you would do if you were God, you might find, I think, that being omniscient for always and always and always, and being in control of everything would be extremely boring.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • And human beings are so unbelievably stupid, that they confused money with wealth. And they don't realize that money is a measure of wealth, in exactly the same way that meters are a measure of length.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • You know, the great society. This is our problem, you see. We are not alive, we are not awake. We are not living in the present.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • And you buy the policy and at sixty five you retire thinking that this is the attainment of the goal of life, except that you have prostate trouble, false teeth and wrinkle skin. And you are a materialist. You are a phantom, you are an abstractionist, you are just nowhere, because you never were told, and never realized that eternity is now.
    Alan Watts Quote
  • There is no time. This is a fantasy. It is a useful fantasy, like lines of latitude and longitude.
    Alan Watts Quote

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