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Aga Khan IV Quotes
Aga Khan IV

Born Prince Karim Aga Khan, Shah Karim al-Hussayni, The Aga Khan IV was born on the 13th of December, 1936. Aga Khan IV was in born Geneva, Switzerland.

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  • Part of what makes this site so captivating, is that it links the natural environment with the built environment, the Divine Creation, on the one hand with human creativity on the other.
    Aga Khan Quotes
  • That – at this time in human history – the Judeo Christian and Muslim societies should know so little about one another never ceases to astonish – to stun – and to pain me.
    Aga Khan Quotes
  • One of the great principles of Islam, in all its interpretations, is the elimination of poverty in society, and philanthropy's centrality in this duty.
    Aga Khan Quotes
  • Today, some forty percent of UN member nations are categorized as “failed democracies” – unable to meet popular aspirations for a better quality of life.
    Aga Khan Quotes
  • I believe the industrialized world has often expected developing societies to behave as if they were similar to the established nation states of the West, forgetting the centuries, and the processes which moulded the Western democracies.
    Aga Khan Quotes
  • Ethnic, religious, social, regional, economic, linguistic and political diversities are like a kaleidoscope that history shakes every day.
    Aga Khan Quotes
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