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UK Horoscope Readings Online
Find horoscope psychics from the countries of the UK, with astrologers in popular UK cities and regions like Manchester, London, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Glasgow. Includes UK horoscope readers, psychics using astrology, astrologers, and cheap online astrology readings.

Michele Knight - Uk Psychic
British based psychic giving telephone psychic readings, astrology readings and consultations. Michele Knight works with psychic readings and Astrology.
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Toni Allen - Tarot Reader and Astrologer
British astrologer and tarot reader giving telephone readings, readings online and home visits. Toni Allen has expertise in astrology and tarot card readings.
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Maurice Amdur - Psychic Medium
British psychic reader giving personal readings via the internet, phone, or in person. Maurice has been giving readings to people from all walks of life, from famous celebrities to politicians across the world.
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Richard Hills - UK Astrologer
Astrologer that gives in-depth birth charts and astrology readings in person, by telephone or readings online.
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Inbaal - Psychic Tarot reader
Talented UK psychic who gives phone readings, internet readings, face to face readings and party readings. Inbaal is experienced in Tarot, numerology, astrology and much, much more.
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Amadai - English Psychic
Psychic from England who gives readings via the telephone, email and visits for party functions. Amadai has 27 yrs of experience in the psychic field.
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Alinda - British Psychic Astrologer
Alinda is a gifted psychic astrologer and numerologist that works in the UK and the US. She offers psychic readings, astrology charts and spells online or by phone.
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Julian Middleton - Astrologist
Julian has been a professional astrologer for some years now. You can get a detailed reading done by contacting him by email.
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Tricia - Astrologer
A UK astrologer with over thirty five years experience in astrology reading.
Tricia offers personalised astrology charts via the phone or by emailing her.
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Paul Wade - Astrologer
Paul has twenty years experience as a professional astrologer you can contact him for an astrology chart reading by email, telephone or by having a private consultation at his home.
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Debbystars - Psychic Astrologer and Therapist
Psychic tarot reader, Karmic astrologer and intuistive therapist providing readings and consultations over the phone, by email or face to face in London.
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