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Crystal Wholesale Companies and Wholesale Gemstones
Find wholesale companies online that sell, manufacture and supply crystals and gemstones for wholesale prices including crystal wands, crystal bowls, healing stones, crystal points, record keeper crystals, tumblers, salt lamps, gemstone lamps, crystal lamps, natural rocks and minerals.

Agate Export
Gemstone and mineral wholesale company that sells a variety of crystals including all agate, onyx, jasper and obsidian crystals. Located in Khambhat, Gujarat, India. Crystal stone wholesale company listed in:
Indian Wholesalers
- Crystal Wholesalers

Wholesale company that cut and polish precious and semiprecious gems including rose quartz, cats-eye, moonstones and topaz. Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Wholesale clothing company listed in:
Sri Lankan Wholesalers - Crystal Wholesalers

Crystal wholesaler that supplies with a large amount of crystals for wholesale prices including natural crystals, crystal singing bowls and rose quartz. Located in Byron Bay, Australia. Crystal wholesale company listed in: Australian Wholesalers - Crystal Wholesalers

Crystals and Rocks
Wholesale company that supplies and distributes crystals, granite and marble including large quartz crystals, amethyst cathedrals and healing crystals straight from Brazilian mines. Located in Santa Catarina Brazil. Crystal wholesale company listed in:
Brazilian Wholesalers
- Crystal Wholesalers

Crystals of the World
Crystal wholesale company supplying a huge range of crystals, rocks and Australian minerals including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Calcite and many other specimens. Located in Sydney, Australia. Mineral and crystal wholesale company listed in:
Australian Wholesalers
- Crystal Wholesalers

Gamma Salt Cristal
Wholesaling company specializing in salt lamp crystals, Feng Shui salt lamps and natural salt candleholders all mined from the Himalayas. Located in Toronto, Canada. Mineral and crystal wholesale company listed in:
Canadian Wholesalers
- Crystal Wholesalers

The Gemstone Factory
Wholesale distributor of gemstones and healing crystals including a large range of agate slabs, crystal eggs, selenite, amethyst crystal and lapis. Located in Coral Springs, Florida, FL. Healing crystal wholesale company listed in: USA Wholesalers - Crystal Wholesale - Florida Wholesalers

Pelham Grayson
Wholesaler that sells and supplies new age crystals, minerals, healing stones and gemstones including fossils, gemstone lamps and candle holders. Located in Connecticut, USA. Mineral and crystal wholesale company listed in:
USA Wholesalers
- Crystal Wholesale - Connecticut Wholesalers

Wand Wholesale
Crystal wand and crystal wholesale company online selling crystal pendants, pendulums, crystal balls and crystal points . Located in Worcestershire, England. Gemstone and crystal wholesale company listed in: UK Wholesalers - Crystal Wholesalers - English Wholesalers

Wegner Crystal Mines
Wholesaler that sells and supplies crystals straight from their wharehouse including phantoms, double terminated crystals, crystal clusters and citrine. Located in Mount Ida, Arkansas, AR, USA. Crystal wholesale company listed in: USA Wholesalers - Crystal Wholesale - Arkansas Wholesalers

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