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See a list of wicca stores and wiccan shops online that sell all your wicca supplies including wiccan jewelry, herbs wicca, magic spells, wiccan spells, wicca books, altar supplies, cloaks, potions, charms, altar supplies and ritual tools.

Authentic Charms
Wiccan store selling wiccan supplies as well as many other gifts and pagan supplies including dragons, fairies, wiccan jewelry, ritual herbs, tarot cards, spells, altar supplies and ritual supplies. Located in Bristol, England. Wiccan shop listed in: England Shopping - Wiccan Shops - UK Stores

13 Moons
Wicca store selling a huge range of products for all your wicca needs including athames, book of shadows, cauldrons, kitchen witch, magick wands and all your wiccan supplies. Located in Johnson City, New York, NY, USA. Wicca shop listed in:
USA Stores - Wicca Stores - New York Shops

Mother of The Moon
We are a UK based site, shipping worldwide, our aim is to provide esoteric items for witches, wiccans, pagans, shamans, gothic, crystal healers, angel workers, tarot readers, reiki & spiritual healers, channelers, crystal skull workers, new age, wicca & spiritual community.Wiccan and witchcraft supplier located in UK. Wiccan shop listed in:
England Shop
- Wicca Shops - UK Shops Online
Witchcraft Stores

Natures Magick
Wicca shop selling many wicca, witch and pagan supplies including altar cloths, athames, wands, spell items, crystals, spell candles and pendulums. Located in Taupiri,
North Island, New Zealand. Wiccan store listed in:
New Zealand Stores
- Wiccan Stores

Spirit Craft
Wicca store online selling all kinds of wiccan and witch supplies including pagan clothing, cast iron cauldrons, witches brooms, talismans, scrying mirrors and prayer flags. Located in Eugene, Oregon, OR, USA. Wiccan shop listed in: US Stores - Wiccan Shop - Oregon Shops

The Blessed Bee
Retail wicca store with heaps of wicca supplies including natural products, pentagram jewelry, incense, spell kits, ritual tools, tarot decks, wiccan jewelry and gemstones and minerals. Located in Norcross, Georgia, GA, USA. Wicca shop listed in: US Stores - Wiccan Shops - Georgia Shops

Witchcraft Shop
UK based wiccan store selling many handcrafted goods and wiccan products including besoms and mini besoms, books of shadows, clothes and accessories from Pixie Tailor, cloaks, capes and shamanic items. Located in Glastonbury
Somerset , UK. Wiccan shop listed in:
England Retail
- Wicca Shops - UK Shops Online

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