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Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

This book presents a 12- Step Personal Success System. Read through each chapter and you’ll discover the mindset, skills and behavioral patterns you need that will, when successfully implemented, allow you to achieve success in any area.

This book is written by Adam Khoo, who is a living testament to how his program can change your life for the better. For the first twenty years of his life he was an under-achiever, getting in trouble in school, and not accomplishing anything, while other members of his family met with success after success.

Finally, in his early twenties, Khoo was able to look back on his life and put the pieces together, such that by age 26…he had made his first million dollars. Now he wants to share his techniques – the techniques of mastering your mind to achieve anything you want – with you.

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The 12 chapters in the book are:

1. The Patterns of Excellence

2. The Ultimate Success Formula

3. How to Achieve Anything You Want

4. The Key to Absolute Power

5. The Incredible Power of Beliefs

6. The Secret to Peak Performance

7. Directing Your Brain for Optimum Results

8. Anchoring: The Keyboard to Your Emotions

9. The Transformation of Meaning

10. Values: Your Driving Force

11. Design Your Destiny

12. How to Replicate Someone's Success Blueprint

We all have the mental resources we need to succeed. That’s what Khoo points out in the first chapter. It’s just that a great many of us don’t have the ability, or discipline, to control and direct these resources. Once you discover how to harness that ability, achieve that discipline, you will be on the way to success.

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In Chapter 2, Khoo discusses the three ways people deal with failure: Excuses, shifting the blame to others and just plain give up. The successful individuals take those failure and learn from each and every one.

In Cahpter 3, Khoo points out that most people’s goals are not really goals of achievement, but merely of desires. Not, I want to start a business, but, I want to make a million dollars. As such, it’s easy to procrastinate and not to anything. It’s necessary to go out and network, to find people who will provide inspiration.

In Chapter 4, Khoo talks about “the key to Absolute Power.” This means taking absolute responsibility to change your own circumstances.

In Chapter 5, Khoo talks about our belief systems. “Beliefs are what empower ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.”There are 5 steps to changing any beliefs – from believing that you’ll always fail to believing that you’ll always succeed:

Find the evidence to change your present belief…that you’ll fail at everything you do.

Challenge the evidences that supports that belief…you’re still young!

Create a new empowering belief…that you can and will succeed.

Find new evidences to support this new belief…the thought is the will is the deed.

Then start acting like your new belief is true…and soon it will be.

The emotional states we experience drive our behavior and actions. Khoo discusses this in Chapter 6: The Secret of Peak Performance

In Chapter 7, you’ll learn about directing your brain to achieve optimum results. The key to using the brain is to master what is called submodalities. We use submodalities to intensify a positive experience and de-intensify a negative one.

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Khoo uses Chapter 8 to explain about “Anchoring” – how to establish visual and emotional anchors to always keep you headed on the right path to success.

Every event has multiple meanings depending on your frame of reference. In Chapter 9, The Transformation of Meaning, Khoo explains how to keep your frame of reference on the positive side, to allow no negative thoughts to enter and hamper you as you achieve your goals.

Chapter 10 is an extremely important one, as it discusses our driving force – our values. Each of us rank our values differently and will therefore make different decisions and take different actions than what someone else would do, if exposed to the same set of circumstances. And just as we must know how we react, we must learn how other people’s values will effect how they react.

In Chapter 11, Design Your Destiny, Khoo puts it all together. Success rarely happens by chance. It happens by design. You must design your success, and break out of your comfort zone of never trying anything new.

And finally, in Chapter 12 : Khoo shows us to take other people’s successful blueprints for life, and use them for ourselves.

Master Your Mind is a complete personal success program. The book is jam packed with more than 340 pages of information that can and will change your life.

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