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Mahatma Gandhi Biography

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Mahatma gandhi Biography
Mahatma Gandhi Bio

Mahatma Gandhi was born on the 2nd of October, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat, India. He died on the 30th of January, 1948 in New Delhi, India. Gandhi was a great political and spiritual leader for India, when India was still under the rule of the British Empire.

Gandhi showed through protesting in a non-violent way, great things could be achieved. Through his pioneering way of the philosophy Satyagraha- (the resistance of tyranny through mass civil disobedience) Gandhi lead India to its independence.

Gandhi studied at the University College London to train as a barrister. After finishing his time in England Gandhi moved back to India where he tried unsuccessfully to open his own law firm.
In 1893 he accepted a year-long contract from an Indian firm to a post in Natal, South Africa.

Moving to South Africa was the changing point for him, here he experienced discrimination and racism in all areas of life. When his contract expired Gandhi had planed to return to India. At his farewell party it was brought to his attention about a new bill that the Natal Legislative Assembly was to deny the right to vote to Indians. In seeing this Gandhi was asked to stay in Durban and fight against the injustices levied against Indians in South Africa. After twenty years of passive resistance and noncooperation the South African government finally made several concessions to the Indian people living there.

At the end of the First World War, Gandhi moved back to India where he started his non-violent protesting, this caught on very quickly in India and soon he had a good following. The British government deemed this type of protesting revolutionary, so in 1920 British troops massacred many innocent Indians at a demonstration. Gandhi then instigated a policy of non-cooperation towards the Brits. Gandhi was imprisoned for a short time, in 1924 he decided to call an end to the campaign of non-cooperation because of India's increasing violence towards Britain.

After six years he again started various campaigns against the British Government, after been imprisoned on several other occasions, Gandhi formally retired from politics in 1934. In 1947 India finally got its independence from Britain. Unfortunately in 1948 Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu radical whilst on his way to a prayer meeting.

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Mahatma Gandhi Biography

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